Insurance done the way you'd want it to be. Simple and customizable.
That's parametric insurance.

Platform benefits

We offer some of the fastest pricing in the industry for our insurance and reinsurance programs
Custom Structuring

We can customize a coverage program for almost anything in the insurance industry

Rapid Pricing

With Arbol, the days of waiting weeks for pricing are over. Our proprietary pricing platform will get a quote for your business light years faster than the rest of the industry.

Easy Payouts

When your selected triggers are met, you get a rapid payout without the mountains of paperwork, months long claims process, or needless disputes.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our tech stack is powered by AI, machine learning, and blockchain technology to create the best possible experience for your clients and your business.

Agriculture products

We work with businesses and brokers through the agricultural sector to provide industry-leading climate solutions.

More coming soon
Drought Protection
A weather index product that protects against lack of rainfall over the growing season
Excess Rainfall
A weather index product that protects against too much rain over the growing season
Area Yield Program
A product based on a crop yield index obtained from objective and reliable USDA data that protects against revenue losses as a result of low yield
Reinsurance products
More coming soon
Natural Catastrophe
Parametric reinsurance for meteorological events like hurricanes
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Learn how we helped a cotton gin in Texas protect its revenues against adverse weather
View case study

Climate Risk Management

Given the emerging demand for climate and weather risk protection among corporations, we are able to help assess a company’s climate risk, use captive vehicles to manage these risks, and then transfer the risks externally.

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