Join our team

We do pretty amazing stuff remotely across the globe, but we’re headquartered in New York City.

Our vision is that anyone or business can cover their losses when it comes to weather, and the damages it can bring along with it.

We’re all on a mission to make a difference. For you, for us, for your farmer, for your energy providers, for everyone.

We’re growing really fast and we are looking for amazing people to join us on this journey.

Our Values

We embrace our unique identities and provide equitable opportunity and rewards for all employees.

Silos Stay on the Farm

We embrace collaboration across our various departments so that people don’t live on islands. To that end, we run on a fairly flat organizational structure that encourages input from everyone, from administrative support to C-Suite.

Build for the Long Term

We know that we might have to build something a few times to get it right, and that’s OK; we’re not afraid to iterate repeatedly. This frees us to pursue our creative impulses full tilt and to be more painstaking in our evaluative process.


We value transparency, encourage disclosing bad news, and welcome disagreement. Working in such a competitive field as climate tech, we understand that reputation is everything and it’s better to be forthright than cagey.

Ownership + Impact

You have the ability to make a consequential difference. If you spot something exciting happening in another team, join in, absorb the knowledge, and when you’re prepared, contribute your insights where you see fit.


Arbol has built a state-of-the-art tech stack driven by a proprietary artificial-intelligence underwriter to deliver superior speed, transparency, and cost efficiency to our clients.


Out of new contexts, new thoughts and practices emerge. That’s why we welcome the opportunity to meet our clients wherever they are on their journey to climate resilience so that we can collectively leverage our strengths and reap the benefit of new synergies.

Our Perks

The icing on
the cake

Medical, Dental, and Vision—99.99% Covered

Yes, you read that correctly. We pay 99.99% of your medical, dental, and vision plans so you don’t have to.

Paid Holidays and Vacation

We support all of ‘em. But don’t let that stop you from taking personal time when you need to. We want you at your best. Always.

Matching 401k

After your 1st year anniversary, we match your contributions up to 6%.

Our Team

We’re a global collective of thinkers

Open Roles

As we grow, so does this list. If you don’t see your fit right now, just check back later.