Arbol Raises $60 Million in Series B Funding to Scale Parametric Insurance
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The Future of Climate Risk Management

Arbol is at the forefront of transforming how the world manages climate risk.

$1+ Billion

Notional Risk Transferred

#1 Writer

Global Non-CAT Parametric Climate Risk

15+ Countries

Utilizing Arbol Products

50% of Clients

Wouldn’t Have Access to Climate Risk Products

The Problem

In 2023, the world faced 398 natural disasters, causing $380 billion in losses and revealing a 69% global protection gap.

Traditional insurance struggles to scale coverage for climate risks, leaving a broad spectrum from small farmers to large corporations and banks vulnerable.

This gap is marked by delays, disputes, instances of fraud, and a lack of specific climate risk products, compounded by insufficient industry infrastructure to tackle the escalating challenge of climate catastrophes disrupting global supply chains.

A single event can set off a chain reaction that ripples through our interconnected world.

Our Solution is Parametric

Parametric insurance offers a scalable alternative to managing climate risks.

Arbol tackles the pressing issues in climate risk management with a data-driven, technology-centric approach, harnessing AI and blockchain for precise risk assessment and transparent transactions.

Through parametric insurance products, Arbol offers swift, objective, and scalable coverage, addressing specific climate risks with no room for disputes or delays.

This innovative model not only closes the global protection gap but also ensures that from the smallest farmers to large corporations, all have access to reliable protection against climate volatility.

See how parametric insurance compares to traditional insurance:

Qualifying Event

Parametric Insurance

Step 1

Verify against objective, third-party data after a qualifying event

Step 2

Payment issued in as little as 2 weeks after data verification

Traditional Insurance

Step 1

Insured assesses damage after a qualifying event

Step 2

Insured submits claim

Step 3

Insurer reviews claim

Step 4

Adjuster assesses and validates claim

Step 5

Claim is paid based on completion of assessment

Why Arbol?

The Arbol

Our ecosystem is an end-to-end technology solution for climate risk management.

Expansive Data Infrastructure

We leverage our expansive data infrastructure to retrieve industry-leading, institutional-grade climate data and models sourced from both public and government sources like NOAA, NASA, and the European Space Agency (ESA) as well as industry-leading commercial and private sources for underwriting our parametric coverage products.

AI/ML Underwriter

Arbol utilizes AI and machine learning to enhance underwriting precision, optimizing risk assessment and pricing accuracy.

Arbol Platform

The Arbol platform integrates advanced data and pricing analytics to streamline and improve the process of enrolling clients in coverage for agents and brokers.

Flexible Risk Capital

Arbol has flexible, dedicated risk capacity to support its product development, enabling it to offer bespoke and tailored solutions for a range of clients.


Arbol serves a diverse clientele, providing tailored insurance solutions that efficiently address unique climate-related challenges.

Our Investors

Our investors are helping us bring scale, transparency, and efficiency to the insurance process.

“The 6,600 bales we ginned was just about enough to pay the light bill… with very little cotton there was no income, so this [payment from Arbol] is going to be a large chunk of the income that comes in for my bank this year.”
—Al Crisp, Owner
Punkin Center Gin    Lamesa, Tx
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