The future of climate risk management

What we do

We bring efficiency, transparency, and scale to climate risk management using data, blockchain and an AI-powered pricing platform.

How this is possible
Our contracts payout rapidly - much faster than the rest of the industry - when your selected data triggers are met, eliminating needless hassles, lengthy and subjective loss calculation and mountains of paperwork.

How it works

Define your location and risk
Select your risk and location parameters (rain, wind, temperature, etc.)
Set your payout parameters
Choose the parameters of the payout you need and set your strike level. We’ll show you a breakdown of historical payouts so you can determine if this contract is right for you.
Let weather happen, get paid
Our contracts execute upon expiration date. No hassles, no ambiguities.

Our Industries

Endless product possibilities mean we can service any industry.

Arbol in action

Learn how we helped a cotton gin in Texas protect its revenues against adverse weather
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Cotton gin in Texas, tractor farming cotton
…the 6,600 bales we ginned was just about enough to pay the light bill…with very little cotton there was no income so this {payment from Arbol} was going to be a large chunk of the income that comes in for my bank this year.
Al Crisp
Owner, Punkin Center Gins


Curious how we can help you?

Get in touch with one of our representatives today to learn more about climate risk solutions and services for your industry.

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