We help the agricultural industry by providing parametric products that can protect against adverse weather and climatic risks of almost any kind.

Low crop yields? Drought? Freezing temperatures? High winds? We can protect against all that and more.


Quick-start guides to get you going
Crop Yield
Crop deficits and surpluses
Drought, flood, low and high soil moisture, excess and insufficient snow
High and low temperatures
Hurricanes, wind, water levels & temperatures, vegetative health, and more

We offer some of the fastest pricing and quickest payout times in the industry

Custom structuring
We can structure and build a program for almost anything. We specialize in building customized climate solutions to fit the needs of your business and clients.
Industry Leading Pricing Tools
Our proprietary pricing platform will get a quote for your business light years faster than the rest of the industry.
Easy payouts
When your selected triggers are met, you get a rapid payout without the mountains of paperwork, months-long settlement process, or needless disputes.
Learn how we helped a cotton gin in Texas protect its revenues against adverse weather
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Kit Muir
Director, London Market
Our team brings decades of combined experience helping clients across the agricultural sector hedge and manage climate risk. Our end-to-end risk management ecosystem is designed to create solutions that meet the needs of your business and clients and help them build financial climate resilience.
Joey Gingold - product manager
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