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Arbol is a global collective of


About Us

We were founded in 2018 to change the way climate risk is actively managed throughout our entire financial system.

Arbol provides clients access to financial climate resilience regardless of their size or location by combining vast data networks with cutting-edge technologies and risk capital.

Increasingly frequent and extreme climate events such as hurricanes, droughts, floods, and heatwaves are causing hundreds of billions of dollars in losses annually for businesses and communities. Only a fraction of these losses are covered by insurance due to antiquated and inefficient processes.

As stakeholders around the world begin to think proactively about how to address climate risk across balance sheets and supply chains, our end-to-end risk management ecosystem bringing data, financial products, and risk capital provides solutions for climate challenges across the financial system.

Our Investors

Our investors are helping us bring scale, transparency, and efficiency to the insurance process.

Our Mission

We’re all on a mission to make a difference—for you, for us, for your farmer, for your energy providers, for everyone.

Our Values

We embrace our unique identities and provide equitable opportunity and rewards for all employees.

Silos Stay on the Farm

We embrace collaboration across our various departments so that people don’t live on islands. To that end, we run on a fairly flat organizational structure that encourages input from everyone, from administrative support to C-Suite.

Build for the Long Term

We know that we might have to build something a few times to get it right, and that’s OK; we’re not afraid to iterate repeatedly. This frees us to pursue our creative impulses full tilt and to be more painstaking in our evaluative process.


We value transparency, encourage disclosing bad news, and welcome disagreement. Working in such a competitive field as climate tech, we understand that reputation is everything and it’s better to be forthright than cagey.

Ownership + Impact

You have the ability to make a consequential difference. If you spot something exciting happening in another team, join in, absorb the knowledge, and when you’re prepared, contribute your insights where you see fit.


Arbol has built a state-of-the-art tech stack driven by a proprietary artificial-intelligence underwriter to deliver superior speed, transparency, and cost efficiency to our clients.


Out of new contexts, new thoughts and practices emerge. That’s why we welcome the opportunity to meet our clients wherever they are on their journey to climate resilience so that we can collectively leverage our strengths and reap the benefit of new synergies.

We're Hiring!

Do our values resonate? We’re always looking for talented individuals from all walks of life.

Our Leadership

Meet the leadership team behind Arbol.

Sid Jha
Founder / CEO
Osho Jha
Chief Data Scientist
Philippe Heilberg
President / CFO / COO
Hong Guo
Chairman, (Re)insurance
Shelby Smith
Chief Technology Officer
Scott Klemm
Chief Revenue Officer
Mackenzie Mikkelsen
Chief Innovation Officer

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