We provide risk capacity to participants in the energy market.

We can structure, price, and transact derivatives with energy market participants, offering them the opportunity to transfer weather risks from their books to our portfolio.


Parametric structures for energy

Utilizing station observations and gridded ERA5 wind, solar irradiance  and precipitation data, a time series can be constructed to provide the underlying index for hedging products designed for the energy industries. Structures can be traded at any global location and any tenor, which minimizes basis risk.

We offer some of the fastest pricing in the industry for our energy programs

Custom structuring
Tell us what your business is looking for and we can customize a program for almost anything in the energy industry.
Rapid pricing
Our proprietary pricing platform will get a quote for your business light years faster than the rest of the industry.
Easy payouts
Contracts payout based on data, not an adjuster. Say goodbye to those lengthy claims processes.
Scott Klemm
Chief Revenue Officer
Arbol is building innovative risk management solutions for the energy sector leveraging data, industry-leading pricing tools and technology. Our solutions are tailored to the needs of your clients and your business so that we can create the exact structure you are looking for.
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