Arbol Raises $60 Million in Series B Funding to Scale Parametric Insurance, Responding to Increasing Climate Risk

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Apr 30, 2024
Sid Jha, Founder and CEO, Arbol
By Arbol
By Sid Jha, Founder and CEO, Arbol

Today, I am proud to announce a significant milestone for Arbol: we have successfully closed a $60 million Series B funding round. The round was co-led by Giant Ventures and Opera Tech Ventures, with participation from Mubadala Capital. This substantial investment is a testament to our progress and a clear indication of the market's trust and confidence in our innovative approach to climate risk management.

The Growing Challenge in the Insurance Industry

The past year has underscored the escalating impact of climate change, with an unprecedented number of natural disasters worldwide. These events have led to $380 billion in losses, including a record 37 billion-dollar insured loss events just in the last year alone. Traditional insurance models, heavily reliant on after-the-fact claims adjustments and subjective damage assessments, are increasingly inadequate in the face of such rapid and severe climatic events. The industry is grappling with processing claims efficiently and equitably, ensuring timely financial relief to those impacted.

The Parametric Solution

Arbol's core mission addresses the challenges of traditional indemnity insurance by implementing parametric insurance, a model that uses predefined climate data triggers—such as rainfall amounts or temperature thresholds—to determine payouts rapidly. This objective approach eliminates the need for manual damage assessments, which can be slow and inconsistent. For instance, in traditional insurance, a claims adjuster might need to physically inspect crop damage on a farm, a process that could take weeks or even months to finalize, delaying vital financial support. Moreover, in remote or underdeveloped regions, such as rural farms in Cambodia, the logistical challenges of sending adjusters make it nearly impossible to scale this coverage effectively, leaving many without viable insurance options.

In contrast, Arbol's parametric insurance offers a clear if/then payout mechanism: if rainfall drops below a certain threshold essential for crop survival during a critical growth period, then a rapid payout is triggered to the insured farmers. This system provides immediate financial aid, mitigating the economic impact of reduced crop production due to adverse weather conditions, and ensures a fair and transparent process based solely on data.

Our platform capitalizes on global, trusted datasets to establish objective and transparent trigger events, significantly broadening the adoption of parametric products. By integrating advanced technology, including automated structuring, proprietary pricing platforms and AI-powered underwriting, we bolster the scalability and efficiency of these insurance solutions, making them more accessible and applicable across diverse markets. This approach simplifies the claims process and extends coverage to those traditionally underserved by conventional insurance models. 

Climate Risk Starts Local But Becomes Global 

While often perceived as a localized phenomenon, climate risk is deeply embedded across our financial systems and, if not properly managed, can escalate into systemic risks with global repercussions. A vivid example of this is seen in the agricultural sector. Consider a single farmer who experiences a significant drop in crop yields due to insufficient rainfall or unseasonably high temperatures. This impacts the farmer's immediate financial stability by reducing their revenue and their ability to meet loan obligations to financial institutions.

This scenario is not isolated. When such conditions are replicated across thousands of farmers—who might all be experiencing similar adverse weather conditions—the cumulative effect can lead to widespread loan defaults. This, in turn, places substantial financial strain on banks and lending institutions, potentially leading to broader economic impacts that resonate well beyond the local level. Such a cascade of events underscores how localized climate risks can spiral into significant financial upheavals, affecting markets and economies worldwide.

Insurance plays a critical role in this ecosystem, acting as a security blanket that not only protects the individual farmer but also stabilizes the broader financial system against these shocks. With its swift payouts based on predefined triggers, parametric Insurance is particularly well-suited to address these challenges efficiently. By providing rapid financial relief without the delays of traditional claims processing, parametric insurance can help prevent the financial distress that might otherwise lead to loan defaults and broader economic instability. Scaling up parametric insurance solutions is essential in our ongoing efforts to fortify financial systems against the growing challenge of climate risk, ensuring local and global resilience.

What This Funding Unlocks for Arbol

The Series B funding is pivotal—it enables us to accelerate our strategic initiatives and expand our reach within the insurance sector. This infusion of capital supports our continued expansion into new markets such as agriculture and renewable energy, areas particularly vulnerable to climate risks yet underserved by traditional insurance products.

In alignment with our mission to bridge the 69% global coverage gap, we recently launched Lilypad Insurance, which is dedicated to serving coastal regions—highly vulnerable communities yet often overlooked by conventional insurers. Lilypad's establishment and recent acquisition of Centauri Insurance are strategic moves to strengthen our offerings and extend our reach into these critical areas, reinforcing our commitment to providing robust protection to underserved populations. Furthermore, the integration of Lilypad aims to boost hybrid product distribution, combining traditional and parametric insurance solutions to bolster coverage effectiveness and accessibility.

Moreover, the funding will facilitate our continued global expansion efforts, allowing us to offer property and casualty (P&C) and home insurance solutions in the U.S. and internationally. We aim to deepen our work with financial institutions facing their own challenges due to climate risks, both for their operations and clients. By continuing to build out our technology infrastructure and broadening our product offerings, we can more effectively meet these growing demands, ensuring that our clients, from individual homeowners to large corporations, can access innovative and reliable risk management solutions.

Looking Ahead

As we step forward, the path is clear. We must continue to innovate and lead, offering solutions that meet current needs and anticipate future challenges. Our goal remains to bridge the global coverage gap and provide practical and accessible solutions for managing climate risks. The Series B funding marks a significant step in this journey, reinforcing our mission to empower both the smallest of farmers and businesses and the largest of corporations with the tools they need to manage the uncertainties of climate change.

I extend my deepest gratitude to our dedicated team, visionary investors, and valued customers for your unwavering support. 

Thank you for joining us on this journey. 

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