We empower organizations and individuals to achieve financial climate resilience so they can focus on what matters - building for the future.

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We’re a technology platform that is transforming the way climate risk is actively managed

extensive data

It starts with data. Ours comes from dClimate

We settle contracts leveraging climate data and models from dClimate, a leading decentralized climate information ecosystem. 

We spun out dClimate in early 2021 as a standalone, open-source network that anyone in the world can use to get or share essential information about our planet. The dClimate ecosystem provides data, forecasts, and models on important variables like rainfall, temperature, soil moisture, carbon sequestration, and much more. 

We leverage dClimate to retrieve industry-leading, institutional-grade climate data and models sourced from both public and government sources like NOAA, NASA, and the European Space Agency (ESA) as well as industry-leading commercial and private sources for underwriting our parametric coverage products. Everything we do at Arbol is data-driven, which helps us bring scale, transparency, and efficiency to the insurance process while eliminating the usual routine of dealing with mountains of claims paperwork, adjusters, and needless hassles to get paid.

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Climate data and models sourced from both public and government sources like NOAA, NASA, and the European Space Agency (ESA).

intelligent pricing

All data gets run through our proprietary AI underwriter, where thousands of variables are analyzed to provide the best possible price faster than the rest of the industry.

Key pieces of the pricing process

Multi-year cycles
(El Nino – Southern Oscillation cycle)
Inter-day variability
(e.g., local winters and summers)
Long-term secular trends
(e.g., multi-decade global climate change)
Normal seasonal variation
(e.g., local winters and summers)
Our digital platform enables digital insurance customization, structuring, pricing and execution of risk coverage within minutes

blockchain technology

Decentralization and transparency is built into the company's mission and ethos.

We leverage Ethereum smart contracts to automate our backend contract execution. Blockchain technology is simply one of many tools Arbol uses to drive efficiency and transparency in the coverage process.

Clients never have to interact with this tech - it lives under the surface powering the platform that drives Arbol’s next-generation climate risk solutions.

Arbol is at the cutting-edge of developing fully decentralized, on-chain insurance and derivatives solutions to bring access and inclusion for underserved markets.

flexible capital
dedicated, non-traditional risk capacity.

Our risk capacity enables us to write tailored, untraditional solutions that other companies shy away from.

This allows us the agility and speed to rapidly deploy market-leading priced risk solutions for a multitude of products and customizations without having to rely on reinsurers

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We're a global collective of

Arbol provides clients access to financial climate resilience regardless of their size or location. We were founded in 2018 to combine vast data networks with cutting-edge technologies and risk capital to change the way that climate risk is actively managed throughout our entire financial system. Increasingly frequent and extreme climate events such as hurricanes, droughts, floods, and heatwaves are causing hundreds of billions of dollars in losses annually for businesses and communities.
Only a fraction of these losses are covered by insurance due to antiquated and inefficient processes. As stakeholders around the world begin to think proactively about how to address climate risk across balance sheets and supply chains, our end-to-end risk management ecosystem bringing data, financial products, and risk capital provides solutions for climate challenges across the financial system.

Sid Jha
Founder / CEO
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Osho Jha
Chief Data Scientist
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Philippe Heilberg
President / CFO / COO
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Hong Guo
Chairman, (Re)insurance
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Shelby Smith
Chief Technology Officer
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Scott Klemm
Chief Revenue Officer
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Mackenzie Mikkelsen
Chief Innovation Officer
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We embrace our unique identities and provide equitable opportunity and rewards for all employees. Inclusive Diversity & Equity is woven into our business and culture.


We revere honesty and adhere to high ethical standards to gain the trust and confidence of our customers. We value transparency, encourage disclosing bad news, and welcome disagreement.


We are better together. Collaborating early and often helps us develop the best solutions and leverage employees' collective expertise. We evaluate every option so we can choose the best path forward.


We are better together. We leverage our unique strengths and work side-by-side with our customers.

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