Record-Breaking Global Heatwaves Signal the Need for Climate Solutions

July 7, 2023
A single green bush in the desert. Photo credit: Greg Gulik.A single green bush in the desert. Photo credit: Greg Gulik.

Record-Breaking Global Heatwaves and Rising Temperatures

According to the latest data from the U.S. National Centers for Environmental Prediction, July 3, 2023 marked the hottest day ever recorded worldwide. The average global temperature soared to 62.62 (17.01 degrees Celsius), surpassing the previous record set in August 2016.

The heatwaves sweeping throughout the world have underscored the seriousness of the ongoing climate crisis. In North Africa, temperatures have climbed close to 122 degrees (50 degrees Celsius). Elsewhere, China continues to endure harsh temperatures exceeding 95 degrees (35 degrees Celsius), while the southern United States has been battling under the weight of an intense heat dome that has spread throughout Texas, Arizona, Louisiana, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and South Carolina. Even Antarctica – in its winter season – Reuters reports, experienced anomalously high temperatures, with Ukraine's Vernadsky Research Base in the Argentine Islands setting a July temperature record of 47.6 (8.7 degrees Celsius).

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